The Dance

When the award winning Emma Brewer took on the Arts Council England funded project she realised just how much people looked at dance as a real art form. We caught up with Emma and asked her to show us her creative process for the cheoregography. 

Using her experienced years as a professional dancer, choreographer and director she organically felt how movement would be shaped into dance form using the music composed by Jim Pinchen from the community of singers. 

Dance Development

Emma has worked with dancers in 2022 to bring the music to life. In 2023, Emma choreographed three dances with inter generational dancers. "Creative Connections" is all about how we are all connected. 

The film created was so wonderful and we encoourage you to watch this season's film. 

After the show in April 2022, Emma expanded upon the dance and opened it up to her dance company. We had 31 dancers taking part in the dance which was filmed in June 2022 and then shown at The Lightbox in Woking in September 2022.

In 2023 we had over 25 dancers who were moved by song and music.