People of Vision - Diana-Louise Towe

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As part of The Vision Project we took time to talk to our wonderful participants. In this series which we have called PEOPLE OF VISION, we explore how they came to join in with The Vision Project and what they have taken away from it. 

This time we talk to Diana-Louise Towe who is a Tap dance champion x 7 times over as well as main dancer for The Vision Project Dance. She is also a dance teacher and choreographer for First Dance Studios. 


1. How did you hear about The Vision Project?

 Emma (Brewer - visionary choregrapher and founder of The Vision Project) approached me with the amazing idea she’s had about the project as she wanted to include me in the dancing! 

2. What is your background in dancing?

I’ve been dancing since I was 2 1/2 grew up doing all my ISTD grades at a dance school then went on to audition for drama school which I participated in for 2 years then continued on to do a commercial dance diploma for a year and now I teach dance all over the place and all styles :) 

3. What were the rehearsals like? 

Rehearsals is such a beautiful space to be in with people that are just as dedicated and passionate as I am! It’s been a absolute pleasure working with Emma and Dan (Watson) lovely people and I clicked straight away dancing with Dan so it’s been a delight in rehearsals! 

4. How did it feel when you first heard the music? 

I knew the style of dance was contemporary so when I heard the music I thought it was perfect just the right amount of musical quality and unique, nothing like I’ve heard before quite mysterious sounding. 

TVP Emma, Diana and Dan

5. What does it feel like to dance to this piece of music? 

The music makes all the movement feel lovely I have space to breath and make my movement large and emphasised.

 6. In the April 2022 show you danced with Dan in a loose pas de deux style - what is the difference now to dance with the company?

I just felt a pure sense of family in the room… everyone works so hard is so commited and it makes me push harder and connect with the people around me so we all look fab and make Emma’s Vision come alive! 

7. What is it like to dance in a location vs rehearsal studio or stage?

Location/stage makes it feel far more real & brings out the adrenaline that I can put into my movement. 

 8. What is the biggest take away you have had from The Vision project experience?

 My personal biggest take away is that you have to really connect with 1) your partner but 2) the music… listen to the track enough to know all the pockets and small details in the music! 

9. For people new to dance what would you say to them to join in?

I would say that everyone is so welcoming and encouraging that anyone would feel comfortable and dance wise it’s such beautiful movement and the underlying story is something anyone can get across in the group setting :) 

Contemporary with Diana

10. What's next for you dance wise that you can talk about? 

I have just been involved in a music video but I can’t disclose who it’s for until it comes out! & I have a few events lined up, one being a big scale festival.

Thank you so much for chatting with us Diana, you can watch Diana in dance later this year as well as in the BBC IPlayer in various dance programmes. 

Until next time,

Emma and The Vision Project team